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AdweekMedia Upfront is your one-stop shop for all news and analysis about the television upfront marketplace, in which some $18 billion in advertising is committed to the broadcast and cable networks, TV syndicators and their digital arms. Coverage from the reporters and editors of Mediaweek, Adweek, Brandweek and The Hollywood Reporter includes the latest breaking marketplace news, analysis of program offerings from the networks, insight from Mr TV, Marc Berman and Live Feed blogger, James Hibberd, and video analysis of the major networks' upfront presentations to media buyers and planners.

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For the latest information on trends in advertising, special reports from around the world, an ad agency directory and more, the advertising community turns to Adweek. If you're looking for information on the "Agency of the Year," the "Media Plan of the Year," international advertising trends, or any other hot industry news, you can count on Adweek to have it covered. No wonder so many advertising executives turn to us for all the latest industry news and special reports.

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