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Nielsen Web Seminars are dynamic and educational forums that bring together elite editors, executives, analysts and guest speakers on a live presentation site. These interactive online events are developed for business, retail, travel, media, etc. professionals who are charged with helping their organizations grow.

Nielsen Web Seminars are free of charge for attendees. All you have to do is register prior to attending. Our live sessions are also recorded and available for on-demand replay for up to six months.

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Adweek Directories Online is where you will find searchable databases with comprehensive information on Ad Agencies, Brand Marketers and Multicultural Media.

All the information from the Adweek Directory, Brandweek Directory and Multicultural Marketing in America Directory can be targeted by multiple criteria and viewed in detail. Key contact information for personnel and companies can be downloaded to your personal computer. And the data is updated constantly to provide the most current information available. Plus, you get the Adweek and Brandweek print directories at no extra charge when you sign up online for either or both directories.

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