Adweek Directories, backed by the resources and expertise of ADWEEK, BRANDWEEK, and MEDIAWEEK Magazines, has been publishing reference directories about the worlds of advertising, marketing and media since 1981. No other publications can match the wide range of information assembled in such user-friendly formats.

This versatile online research tool allows you, at your desk, to quickly navigate through thousands of company profiles in seconds and display the information that can bring increased success to your business endeavors. This extraordinary resource is available to you for an annual flat fee with no limitation on the amount of data searches or views. Additionally, unlimited downloads of contact information (name, title, company, address, city, state, zip and telephone) can be made at any time.

And the data you are accessing is the most current available. Refreshed weekly, changes and developments in the various industries are quickly reflected in what you see on your screen. No other medium can provide you with the fluidity of information available here.

Each of these directories provides comprehensive coverage of a particular segment of advertising, marketing, and multicultural media.


The expertly organized ADWEEK Directory is for anyone seeking agency-specific information. No other reference has the same detailed information by Branch Office. With over 23,000 personnel listings, this is your best source for agency information. It has information on more than 5,900 Full-Service Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Media Buying Services, Associations and Shops specializing in Sales Promotion, Recruitment, Entertainment Marketing, Yellow Pages, Health Care, Interactive, Sports Marketing, Infomercials, Direct Marketing, Marketing Communications, Market Research, Creative Design, Advertising Networks, Consultancies, Out-of-Home and Ethnic Specialties such as Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American media.

Listings include location, telephone, fax, e-mail, URL, services offered, industries served, number of employees, year founded, billings, fee income, personnel/titles, accounts, parent company and subsidiaries.

Online you can search this data by any combination of Company Name, City, State, Zip Range, Billings, Accounts, Services Offered, Industries Served, Job Function, Job Title, and Personnel First/Last Name.

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Featuring in depth information in a clear and easy-to-use format, the listings in the BRANDWEEK Directory are organized by Brand Name with Marketer, Personnel, Lead Agency and Media Expenditure data. This straightforward approach means that you'll find all the facts you need on any one brand in a single location. The directory contains stand-alone listings for over 7,000 brands, including 17,000 personnel at both corporate and brand level.

Listings feature marketer address, telephone, fax, URL, annual media expenditure, parent company, and lead advertising agency. All brands are categorized in 44 industry categories.

Accessing the data via the Web allows you to search by Brand Name, Marketer Name, City, State, Zip Range, Media Expenditure, Industry Category, Agency, Job Function, Job Title, and Personnel First/Last Name.

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With multicultural marketing now the fastest growing area in consumer marketing, Adweek's Multicultural Marketing in America is the definitive go-to resource for anyone tailoring messages to African American, Asian American and Hispanic audiences. Organized by multicultural community the directory provides information on the three building blocks of marketing:

  • Advertising Agencies including Media Planning Services and Public Relations Firms
  • Media including Radio, TV, Cable Networks, Magazines, Online Information Services, Daily Newspapers and Weekly Newspapers with content targeted to multicultural communities
  • Brand Marketers with multicultural marketing programs

The multicultural database provides information on over 2,000 companies including address, phone, fax, web address, email, names/titles, billings, expenditures, services offered and details specific to each organization type.

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If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at mtebo@adweek.com.

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